Our great Echo Lake Meat store is owned and operated by long time Alaskan resident Erick Watkins. 


Erick is an experienced businessman with a superior customer centric attitude and service first focus. His love for the great outdoors, hunting, fishing and service to his loyal customers is what excites him. 


Karri Holmes -  Store Manager 

Hailing from the great state of Wyoming, Karri, manages Echo Lake like a well oiled machine. She has a heart of gold and an attitude that is always welcoming. 

Schmoe Matison - Smoker

Do you enjoy our great variety of processed products? Schmoe is a smoking genius! One half to the smoking duo, he is a pivotal part to our internal R&D.  

Patrick Thompson - Smoker 

The nocturnal half of the smoking duo, Patrick, is working while we are all asleep! Thanks to Patrick we can sustain our shelves 24/7! 

Russel AuBuchon - Butcher

A leader when it comes to customer service. His helpfulness and ability to accurately help customers is paramount for our team. He was born in Washington and grew up in the great outdoors.  

Jessica Robblee - Cheese Specialist 

One of our newest team members. Jessica has filled big shoes taking on the responsibility of crafting our world famous cheese dips!

Grandma Dee - Baker and Side Dish Crafter

Grandma Dee brings all of our great sides and breads to the shelf. Next time you stop in say hello! She always makes our day brighter when she is around, and is a beloved member of our team. 


Deloma Watkins - Cashier & Charcuterie Crafter 

Deloma is an artist through in through. Perfection is the only option. Each charcuterie board is perfectly designed to deliver the products in a compelling and visually aesthetic way. 

Ryan (aka Kodiak) - A little bit of everything

Ryan was born in Kodiak and moved to the Peninsula a few years ago. Ryan loves to fish and thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and all Alaska has to offer! He is taking on many responsibilities around the shop and will be a crucial cog during July’s Sockeye run.


Maria Anderson- Packer

Maria hails from our great area of the Kenai River and fills the gaps in production to the buying shelf. Maria is another rigid piece to the Echo Lake puzzle!

Jake Brown - Cheese/Apple fritters Specialists (Intrapreneur)

Jake is originally from California and moved up to Alaska with his family in the Summer 2023. He loves spending family time outdoors and relaxing with a sports game. He enjoys making people laugh and telling dad jokes. 

Jake has been an internal entrepreneur taking on baking apple fritters every Saturday. He is a valuable member to the team and are grateful for his happy attitude. 

 Charisma Watkins - Cashier/ Fish Processor 

Charisma is the youngest of Erick and Holli's kids and fulfills her name. Born in Soldotna and calls the peninsula home. She is hardworking and dedicated to her goals as a collegiate swimmer. She spends her summers with her nose to the grindstone in the swimming pool and processing room. 


Echo Lake Superior Meats is superior because of our amazing staff!